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Q: How are divisions determined?

Divisions have general age ranges but we do consider skill level as more of a determining factor. If a player is dominating a division we will sometimes move them up to play with older players so they can fit in better, and advance their own skills. If a player is a beginner, we will sometimes keep them in a level just below their age group. They can have fun and learn some basic skills then move up to the next division when they are ready. This way the player feels comfortable and has fun.

Q: How did you decide who was on each team?

After evaluations, all players are put into 3 categories by the League Board Members. We try to balance out all the teams by having equal numbers of Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice level players on each team. We also do our best to consider all requests such as carpooling, a favorite coach, friends, etc. Our goal is to have all teams as equal as possible by playoffs.

Q: If my child does not have all of his equipment can they still play?

Of course they can play! The NCHL takes pride in providing some loaner gear, and we have a Gear Swap before the season to help get equipment to kids who have outgrown it or can’t afford it. Even though checking is not allowed, contact is part of hockey and it is important that all players have all the required equipment.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT- For players 16 and under:

HECC approved helmet with face shield/mask, elbow pads, mouthpiece, hockey shin guards, hockey gloves, protective cup for boys, stick, and skates with no brakes.

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