The fun is getting closer! On Saturday, November 16 at 4:30pm the NCHL has reserved the ice for a broomball game! Bring your tennis shoes and jacket and get ready to play – everyone welcome! Adults, kids, friends, whoever! Adults getting in on NCHL action for once – how fun!

We have reserved seats at the SF Bulls game at 7:15pm.

$12.50 covers it all. It would be fun to get a big game going, so I hope many of you can make it.

If you would like me to reserve your family and/or friends seats, please let me know at mbdaveevan@yahoo.com

Or catch me at the rink.

Get your game on.

Mary Beth Alexander

Hi all,

There will be an open skate offered on Tuesday’s from 5:00 – 6:30 for the remainder of the Fall season. This open skate is for all levels.

Any questions, please contact info@coastsiderollerhockey.com.

Join us this Friday at 5:30-7:30pm for practice (all age groups) or Saturday afternoon from 3:00-5:00pm, and to sign up for Fall Hockey. Then join us on Sunday for games:

-11:00am-12:30pm for Squirt/PeeWee players
-12:30pm- 2:00pm forPeeWee/Bantam players
Please click here for online registration.
Fall Hockey offers a more relaxed atmosphere to try the sport of roller hockey. No gear? No problem! We have recently restocked with new and used gear that can be used while your player participates in the NCHL. Scholarships and multi-player discounts are available. Coaches are working to set the practice schedules; let us know if you’re able to help out on evenings or weekends.

BIG NEWS: Our new scoreboard has been delivered! But it’s not installed yet, as it’s way heavier than we anticipated. Please contact us at info if you are able to help create a structure that can secure the 600-pound unit atop our Gear Shed.

A reminder that you’re invited to play in our Adult Pickup Puck sessions every Saturday morning, from 10:00am-noon, our popular Adult Pickup Puck (for high school-age players and up)

Congratulations to our 2013 NCHL Champions:

Bantam: B1-Boy Scout Troop 255, coached by Mike Hovermale

PeeWee: B1-Christine Maren Salon, coached by Dirk Krieger

Squirt: S3-Maguire Tree Care, coached by Dirk Krieger

Big upsets in the semifinals of the PeeWee and Squirt divisions, though form held in the finals — all #2 seeds won. (FYI, the NCHL is not a “keeper league,” so you don’t have to worry about a Dirk Krieger dynasty.) Please email photos suitable for posting on our NCHL website.

Game results will be posted online at the HMB Review, which had a great front cover photo from Championship Sunday action. Here’s the link to prior games:


Bantam Division Final

#2 seed B1-Boy Scout Troop 255 upset #1 seed B2-HMB Lions Club 4-2

#1 seed B2-HMB Lions Club defeated #4 seed B3-Rocha and Son Construction 6-1 in semifinal #1

#2 seed B1-Boy Scout Troop 255 defeated #3 seed B4-Lady Quakes 7-4 in semifinal #2

PeeWee Division Final

#2 seed P3-Christine Maren Salon defeated #4 seed P2-Dr. Alborzi 6-4

#2 seed P3-Christine Maren Salon defeated #3 seed P1-Fincon 6-5 in Overtime in semifinal #1

#4 seed P2-Dr. Alborzi defeated #1 seed P4-Hassett ACE Hardware 6-5 in Overtime in semifinal #2

Squirt Division Final

#2 seed S3-Maguire Tree Care defeated #4 seed S1-Dr. Moody 4-1

#4 seed S1-Dr. Moody defeated #1 seed S4-Godoy Construction 5-3 in semifinal #1

#2 seed S3-Maguire Tree Care defeated #3 seed S2-Dr. Maahs 5-2 in semifinal #2

Thursday, Aug. 1 is Moving Day

Let us know if you’re able to help us move our new Fair-Play scoreboard into the Gear Shed (and if you have any tools to open the crate). We can contact you with one-hour notice when the IBEW Local 617-donated scoreboard is on the way; it will arrive between 1-5pm.

Fan Experience Winners: Congratulations to Scott Kinzey who earned the title of “Sickest Six Shooter-2013" and received a Cameron’s Restaurant gift certificate plus prizes from the SF Giants. Congratulations also to Laurie Lindow and Ryan Tate for claiming Championship Sunday Chuck-A-Puck titles, plus prizes from the Highway 1 Brewing Company and the SF Bulls.

Sign ups are open for FALL HOCKEY, which runs roughly 7 weeks, with games between Sept. 15 – Nov. 3; we end when Daylight Savings Time ends (no games Pumpkin Festival/Oct. 20). Visit the NCHL’s website or sign up online here. A couple of parents have volunteered to run OPEN RINK NIGHTS; let us know if you’d like to join and we’ll email days and times.

Reserve the date: Sept. 14 for Sharks & Parks Tourney

Please email me if your player is interested in participating in the “Sharks & Parks” STREET hockey tourney at the SAP Center/HP Pavilion on Saturday, Sept. 14. It’s a fun day of street hockey (just sticks; no skates) for U-14, U-12 and U-10 players. Bonus: Players are entitled to a ticket for a Sharks exhibition game!

Thanks for participating in the NCHL, and thanks a great season, everyone! Hope you enjoyed the experience and will join us again this Fall and next Summer, or on the traveling teams (forming soon) that play in Bay Area tournaments. Keep playing hockey and remember: Don’t go through life without goals.

P.S. If you’re interested in joining the NCHL Board, and helping shape and improve the NCHL experience, please contact us.

Thanks for a fun and exciting regular season; hope you and your player enjoyed it! Excitement abounds as we head into Championship Sunday, July 28.
Congratulations to our Regular Season Champions:
Bantam Division:  HMB Lions Club, coached by Sam Winters PeeWee Divsion: Hassett ACE Hardware, coached by Vic Gallant
Squirt Division: Godoy Construction, coached by Jeff Hunter

If you're excited about playing more hockey, let us know if you're interested in FALL HOCKEY, which runs roughly 7 weeks, with games between Sept. 15 - Nov. 3; we end when Daylight Savings Time ends (an no games Pumpkin Festival weekend, Oct. 20). You can sign up online here or at the NCHL's website. Parents should email or stop by the Scorer's Table on Sunday if they're interested in arranging OPEN RINK NIGHTS between now and then.
Lady Quakes Teal take Bronze: The Lady Quakes Teal team took home a Bronze medal in the 14U Girls division at the Junior Olympics in Huntington Beach, CA, July 19-21, as they prevailed in an exciting 4-1 win. The Lady Quakes Black team won the Copper medal. Top scorers for both teams were Brooke Bryant, Colleen Castro, Sam Hanlon, and Claire Peterson. 
Bring bucks for Brazzle Berry: The Snack Shack specials this Sunday will include Brazzle Berry products (oatmeal, frozen yogurt with fruit toppings plus smoothies) from roughly 8:30am-2pm. btw, the nonprofit NCHL did not tax your finances with a fundraising auction or raffle this year, so please help us by purchasing the last of our 6 regular and 2 decaf Flying Puck Coffee bags. (And Chuck-A-Pucks.) Special thanks to Barb Capers, Amy Risk and Cindy Co for heading the Flying Puck Cafe all year with such flair!

Souzas Reign Supreme: Congratulations to our fan experience winners: The Darrin Souza family won the Chuck-A-Puck contest (for the third time in 8 weeks). The Winner of the Six Shooter contest (scoring goals on at least 4 of 6 shots) will be announced between the PeeWee and Bantam Championship games on Sunday, and participants can still qualify all day on Sunday. Competing for the Cameron’s $50 gift certificate in the Six Shooter drawing will be: Vic Gallant, Jeff Stevens, Larry Hebb, Mark Modena and Krister Lansing.

A reminder for you to contact Mary Beth Alexander if you’re up for some broom ball in the Fall. The NCHL has reserved a broom ball game and seats for the SF Bulls game on Saturday, Nov. 16! Moms, dads, kids and friends are all welcome to give it a try. Broom ball is hockey with shoes, a ball, and a broom instead of a stick, and action starts at 4:30pm followed by the SF Bulls hockey game at 7:15pm. Contact Mary Beth Alexander at mbdaveevan at yahoo.com.

With running clocks in our semifinals games, games SHOULD start on time this Sunday. But with 9 games, and with festivities before and after each game, it’s imperative you arrive early and prepare your player to begin on time. Please note the GUEST team is responsible for staffing the Snack Shack.
CHAMPSIONSHIP SUNDAY GAME SCHEDULE: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your game time.

Time Home Guest & Snack Bar Duty
8:30 S4-Godoy Construction S1-Dr. Moody Semi-A Squirt 1st vs. 4th place
9:30 S3-Maguire Tree Care S2-Dr. Maahs Semi-B Squirt 1st vs. 4th place
10:30 P4-Hassett ACE Hardware P2-Dr. Alborzi Semi-C PeeWee 1st vs. 4th place
11:45 P3-Christine Maren Salon P1-Fincon Semi-D PeeWee 2nd vs. 3rd place
1:00 B2 HMB Lions Club B3-Rocha and Son Construction Semi-E Bantam 1st vs. 4th place
2:15 B1-Boy Scout Troop 255 B4-Lady Quakes Semi-F Bantam 2nd vs. 3rd place
3:30 Winner-Squirt Semi-A vs Winner-Squirt Semi-B Final SQ 1/4 vs. 2/3
4:30 Winner-PW Semi-C vs Winner-PeeWee Semi-D Final PW 1/4 vs. 2/3

5:45 Winner-B Semi-E vs Winner-Bantam Semi-F Final B 1/4 vs. 2/3
Squirt 1 opens the rink; The Bantam Finalists are responsible for Rink Cleanup.

With 4 overtime games in 7 contests last week, excitement abounds as to what will happen this week, when we have another full slate of 7 games.

This Sunday is Sharks Sticker Day! We’ll have small Sharks temporary tattoos for all players; get your sticker from your coach on Sunday.

Wish List items: If anyone has a couple of plastic chairs, the kind we use at the Scorer’s Table, it’d be great if you could donate them for use at the Scorer’s Table. We could also use a pop-up tent for the barbecue, and a hot water carafe for the Flying Puck Cafe. Always in demand at the BGC Rink: ACE Hardware and Safeway gift cards. We’ll make sure crack PA announcing staff recognizes your contributions! (And provides you with a donation receipt.)

In our Skills competition, Robyn Souza won the Chuck-A-Puck contest in Week 5, and Vic Gallant was the first successful Six Shooter contestant to score all 6 goals, winning a SF Giants Bobbleheads, 2013 Giants calendar, Player Meal Deal, Snack Buck and more.

This week’s games: (Note: Doubleheaders for Bantam 2 and 4)
July-7 Home Guest Snack Bar Duty
10:00 Squirt 1 vs Squirt 4 Squirt 4
11:00 Squirt 3 vs Squirt 2 Squirt 2

12:00 PeeWee 2 vs PeeWee 1 PeeWee 1
1:15 PeeWee 4 vs PeeWee 3 PeeWee 3
2:30 Bantam 3 vs Bantam 2 Bantam 2
3:45 Bantam 1 vs Bantam 4 Bantam 4
5:00 Bantam 2 vs Bantam 4 Bantam 4

Squirt 2 is responsible for opening the rink; Bantam 4 is responsible for Rink Cleanup.

Note: Just like the NHL and its condensed 48-game schedule, the NCHL has a condensed schedule, with weeknight games next week for the following teams:

Special Weeknight Games
July-15 Squirt 1 vs Squirt 3 Monday, 5:30pm start
July-16 PeeWee 3 vs PeeWee 1 Tuesday, 5:00pm start
July-16 Bantam 1 vs Bantam 3 Tuesday, 6:15pm start

July-19 Squirt 4 vs Squirt 2 Friday, 5:30pm start
July-19 PeeWee 4 vs PeeWee 2 Friday, 6:30pm start

If your team is listed as opening the rink, that entails arriving by roughly 9:15am and blowing or sweeping the rink, setting up tents and tables, and helping get the Snack Shack ready to open (putting out gear, putting out trash cans and recycling, etc.). There is absolutely no reason (other than inclement weather) why the first Squirt game should not start promptly at 10am. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation!


Joel Farbstein

President, North Coast Hockey League

P.O. Box 539

HMB, CA 94019



H: 650-728-JOEL (650-728-5635)

C: 650-270-7783

Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside – Board Member

The NCHL is a unit of the non-profit Coastside Youth Association, in association with the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside.

Excitement abounds as teams jockey for hockey playoff position. A full slate of SEVEN games again this Sunday, after two exciting overtime games last weekend.

GET YOUR NCHL FLYING PUCK COFFEE BAGS: This week we continue the sale of the NCHL’s very own Flying Puck Coffee in 12-ounce bags! The coffee is certified organic, purchased under the free trade agreement, and roasted locally in HMB. The 12oz bags of organic coffee are $13 each. We’re offering two types of coffee: Breakfast Blend & Decaf. What a treat! From Outlands Java, the coffee is locally roasted, organic, purchased under free trade agreement and bird-friendly to boot! Buy it at the Snack Shack this Sunday!

Donate through Employer Matching Funds! Did you know that many employers will provide matching funds to nonprofit organizations when their employees make contributions? The NCHL has received a few donations from employers of NCHL members, so please check with your organization to see if you can donate through employer matching funds — on a budget as lean as ours, every dollar helps!

The NCHL has spawned high school players, college players and even players drafted by NHL teams. But now we can boast of a national champion! NCHL foreign correspondent Kevin Lansing wrote that former NCHL and HMB Cougars player Krister Lansing recorded an assist as the Vika Vipers’ defeated the RIL Blinders by a score of 9-2 in the championship of the Oslo league (the only inline hockey league in all of Norway). Players reportedly celebrated in the locker-room declaring themselves "Norsk inline hockey vinnere" (Norwegian inline hockey champions!)! http://inlinehockey.no/

In our Skills competition, Darren Souza won the Chuck-A-Puck contest in Week 4, and Dirk Krieger and Bill Baron took home Chuck-A-Puck honors in Week 5.

Michelle deBeer and Tom Roman won the Six Shooter contest with 4 goals each.

This week’s games: (Note: Doubleheaders for Bantam 1 and 4)
July-7 Home Guest Snack Bar Duty
10:00 Squirt 2 vs Squirt 4 Squirt 4
11:00 Squirt 3 vs Squirt 1 Squirt 1

12:00 PeeWee 3 vs PeeWee 2 PeeWee 2
1:15 PeeWee 1 vs PeeWee 4 PeeWee 4
2:30 Bantam 1 vs Bantam 3 Bantam 3
3:45 Bantam 2 vs Bantam 4 Bantam 4
5:00 Bantam 1 vs Bantam 4 Bantam 4

Squirt 2 is responsible for opening the rink; Bantam 1 is responsible for Rink Cleanup.
If your team is listed as opening the rink, that entails blowing or sweeping the rink, setting up tents and tables, and helping get the Snack Shack ready to open (putting out gear, putting out trash cans and recycling, etc.).

NCHL Coffee Label,062313.pdf

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